Lip Tattooing

Lip tattooing specifically enhances and defines the lip area. It gives you fuller and sensual  lips with a naturally rich tone and blush.

The natural colour and shape of the lips is affected due to ageing, and this treatment at Elite Cosmetic Tattooing in Altona will restore the definition, fullness and vitality of your lips.

It is very important to understand that your lips will heal to look natural with Lip tattooing. Initially you lips will look darker,but this will fade to the desired tone within few days.

Elite Cosmetic Tattooing offers a variety of techniques from a full lip colour, where the lip line does not show, to a subtle lip line with blush around the edges of the lips.

The highly innovative technique used at Elite Cosmetic Tattooing  achieves a perfect shaped and tinted lip without a border, giving you shapely, full, sensual lips all the time.

The infusion of soft mineral pigments with an airbrush effect makes you lips perfect, and all your need is a dab of lip gloss.