Eye Liner Tattooing

Eyeliner tattoo will give enhancement to the eye area  and the illusion of a fuller eyelash line. In this world of busy routine,it’s the perfect solution for sportsperson,actress, alopecia patients, visual impairment,have allergies to conventional makeup, and people with water eyes.

Your colour choices are virtually unlimited and you can choose from a number of different treatments that we will advise and discuss with you during the consultation process.

The mission is to give you larger looking, exaggerated eyes and gorgeous lashes. Eyeliner tattoo semi-permanent make up is where an eyeliner tattoo is placed above or below the lash line.

Elite Cosmetic Tattooing  can create a strong dramatic effect or a very natural and subtle permanent eyeliner enhancement. Treatment with us will  bring back that sparkle to the eye which will  stop traffic wherever you go!