Eye Brow Tattooing

Permanent eyebrow enhancement by Elite Cosmetic Tattooing, gives the perfect structural adornment to your face. Exquisitely shaped eyebrows not only accentuate your facial features, but they also act as a frame to emphasise and bring together the facial features into a harmonic alignment.

Females who have lost their brow hair due to alopecia, chemotherapy or over-plucking, benefit from permanent eyebrows.It will highlight the natural contours of your face  and even having a slimming effect by virtue of the extra definition.
Elite Cosmetic Tattooing uses various different techniques and choose which suits you the best. Thinning eyebrows often lack the shape due to natural thinning or over plucking and now, with our leading edge technique, there is no need for eyeliner pencils or powders which can often be difficult and unreliable to use.

A structured brow in a rich tone matched in combination with your existing hair and skin tone also reverses the aging process and gives the illusion of a more youthful face. Eyebrow enhancement can be extremely transformative to the face, so it is no surprise this is the most popular treatment in the permanent makeup domain.

With the right shape a permanent brow can perfectly frame the face adding contour depth and expression.